Alcohol and Male Fertility. Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Can alcohol improve potency? How does alcohol affect the body?

It is not a secret that ethanol in the beverage drinks is a poison and toxic for the body. The influence of the alcohol on the potency has been studied and the scientists confirm that a regular consumption of the beverage drinks affects both erectile function, and the reproductive function of a man.

Alcohol and Male Fertility

However, many men notice that the potency is slightly improved and the libido grows after having a little of alcohol. It is really so. The matter is that the beverage drinks provide a stimulating action on the nervous system. All organs become more sensitive to the sexual stimulation. Therefore, men who have consumed some alcohol has better sexual drive and libido, so that the blood circulation is improved in the penis. This way, men are often attracted to women during light alcohol intoxication, and they are more active during the sexual intercourse.

Moreover, alcohol obtunds a sensitivity of the nerve endings in the penis, and so a duration of the sexual intercourse is longer during the alcohol intoxication of a man. The man can control the ejaculation and improve the sexual activity with a partner.

A consumption of little of alcohol influences on the physiological processes, as well as on the psychological state of a man. He becomes more relaxed, confident, and this helps to increase the arousal level during the sexual intercourse.

But all these effects are kept only if a man has taken some dose of alcohol: 1-2 glass of wine, or 100-150 ml of stiff drink.

What does alcohol do to your body? When will health problems begin?

The health problems occur in two cases:

  • When a man consumes more than 250 ml of stiff drinks at once;
  • When a man regularly consumes alcohol, regardless of the dosing.

In the first case, the accumulation of ethanol in the body leads to the reduction of any sensations and reactions during the sexual stimulation. After certain dose of alcohol, the opposite effect happens in the male body: the nervous system stops reacting to the signals, the concentration of the attention becomes poor, the reflexes are slow, and the blood circulation becomes worse. As a result of these processes, a man is not able to achieve and even cannot able to keep the optimal level of the erection for the sexual intercourse.

Moreover, the recovery after the severe body intoxication may take up to a week, and a man will not be able to control the erection.

In the second case, a man develops a stable sexual weakness during the regular alcohol consumption. This condition develops slowly, and a man often does not notice it. Due to the regular use of alcohol, the testosterone level drops, so that libido is decreased. Due to the intoxication, the liver and cardiovascular system suffers. The cardiac muscle is not able to keep a high pressure in the blood vessels of the penis. Even if a man has erection after a prolonged stimulation, the penis becomes soft in some period, the further continuation is not possible.

Age and sexual problems in men due to alcohol. Alcohol and Fertility

Let’s be clear that a stable sexual weakness does not appear after 1-2 uses of alcohol. This process develops within several years. The first signs of the sexual dysfunctions often start in 6-9 months during the regular use of the beverage drinks.

alcohol problems

In 1-1,5 years, a man notices a frequent manifestation of the erectile dysfunction and the premature ejaculation. This way, alcohol gradually covers all organs and functions of the reproductive system of a man and adds it negative corrections.

The young body can easily resist the alcohol intoxication, and therefore the first serious signs of the sexual dysfunctions because of alcohol appear at the age of 30. This period often occurs with the beginning of the natural reduction of the testosterone level. The action of alcohol is insignificant whilst the male body produces enough sexual hormones. But till 35, when the testosterone production is reduced, the manifestations of the alcohol intoxication appear.

These symptoms grow every year, and a man at the age of 42-45 with the alcohol addiction loses an ability to have erection, and often becomes infertile.

If the failures in sex happen because of the alcohol overdose at the young age (20-27), the recovery after the severe intoxication takes just 1-3 days. At the mature age (35-40) the recovery takes more time, and it happens due to the addiction to the beverage drinks, and not because of the one-time overdose.

What organs are affected by alcohol? Side effects of alcohol. Why is alcohol bad for you?

If you think that alcohol influences on the sexual health only, we will upset you. The sexual function of men is very sensitive to any pathological processes in the body and rapidly gives a reaction to the alcohol intoxication. But most internal organs are destructed gradually, and a degree of the affection may be estimated by means of the diagnostics, or when the symptoms are so obvious, that it is hard to neglect them.

risks of drinking alcohol

5 main organs affected during the alcohol abuse are as following:

  • Brain: ethanol affects the brain cells. It is a clinically proved fact which is noticed at once. At first, a human will have euphoria but it is temporary. Then, a connection between the neurons in the brain will be damaged, the memory will be poor, tremor and spasms will appear. Depression, mental disorder and other emotional disorders also appear.
  • Heart: alcohol affects the work of the cardiac muscle (myocardium). It is not a secret that one of the most common causes of the myocardial infarction is alcoholism. A disorder of the heartbeat, and increase of the blood pressure are the most harmless symptoms felt during the alcohol addiction.
  • Liver: the main filter of the body suffers most of all. The metabolism of ethanol takes place in the liver. The liver cells are affected rapidly as well as the brain cells, and so 40% of people have liver cirrhosis in several years of the alcohol abuse.
  • Kidneys: the load on the kidneys grows after the dysfunction of the liver. The kidneys cannot filter urine, so that a renal failure may happen.
  • Pancreatic gland: an acute pancreatitis is a frequent symptom of the chronic alcoholism. A lot of enzymes cause the inflammation of the pancreatic gland, and it affects its work and the function of the intestine in general.

If the alcoholism is considered as a chronic disease, all organs suffer gradually because all processes are interrelated in the body. But most people do not even know about it and continue to kill their body by alcohol hoping for a miracle.

Alcohol and conceiving a child. Alcohol health risks

If the erectile dysfunction may be easily restored with the help of the tablets and changing the lifestyle, a disorder of the male fertility is irreversible.

Alcohol and child planning.

The use of alcohol causes the irreversible processes:

  • An abrupt decrease of testosterone and dysfunction of testicles, so that the quality and quantity of the seminal liquid worsens.
  • A decrease of the activity and movability of the spermatozoa;
  • The atrophy of seminiferous tubules happen.

It has been clinically proven that two third of men with the alcohol abuse suffer from the infertility that develops at mature age, after 40. But even if a man has kept the fertility, the alcoholic conceiving or conceiving during the chronic alcoholism may be dangerous.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is the severest consequence after all. It is a congenital disease that may cause physical or mental defects of a baby. Moreover, the syndrome may be kept the whole life, and the first symptoms of the disorder may appear in a couple of years after the birth. Children with this disease are behind on height and body mass, the mental development, and they have a poor vision or hearing, congenital immune defects, and others.

Moreover, ethanol is able to kill healthy spermatozoa that has a high chance to penetrate into the egg. This way, the alcoholic conceiving may not happen. And if a man constantly takes alcohol, the problems with conceive may be within a long period. Moreover, the more the man takes alcohol, the higher the risk of the development of the Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Remember that the seminal fluid and spermatozoa is regenerated once in 90 days, and therefore if you abuse alcohol and have got the acute intoxication 1-2 weeks ago, a chance of the conceiving will be low.