Drinking Around the World – Alcohol Consumption Rates by Country. Alcohol statistics

Alcohol facts

Alcoholism is not a problem of certain state or a social category. This illness touches the society all over the world. And even if a person does not abuse alcohol, this person lives among people who are addictive and becomes a member of the “alcoholic” society.

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This problem is very popular in many countries, and so the government sets restrictions for selling and a consumption of the beverage drinks.

The National Alcohol Prohibition may be considered an important event in the USA within 1920-1933, and Prohibition has happened in the USSR within 1914-1923. Such laws were introduced in Mexico, Czech Republic, UK, Australia, and other countries. It gives the result for a while, and the alcohol consumption drops by 3-9 times depending on a period of the prohibition. But the statistics shows that the rates of the alcohol consumption are gradually restored and even exceed the raw values in some countries.

There is the world statistics of WHO that detects the most drinking countries in the world every year and offers recommendations to control the alcoholism.

Lithuania Alcohol Consumption on person

According to the press-release of the World Health Organization, Lithuania is the most drinking country among all countries in the European Union. The WHO calculates that every citizen (older than 16) of this small Baltic state takes about 16 liters of pure alcohol per year. This amount of pure alcohol equals to 400 liters of beer.

lithuania alcohol statistics

The Lithuanians mostly prefer beer. 46% of the total amount of the consumed alcohol falls to this beverage drink. Stiff drinks take the second place – 34%. Wine takes just 8% of total amount of the alcohol. The rest of 10-12% falls to the low-alcohol beverage.

The government of Lithuania are really concerned about this rate because the alcohol consumption in this amount leads to the destruction of the society and a development of the social problems.

Nowadays, the prohibitions are used all over the country and on the sale of alcohol. The legal age for the alcohol consumption has been increased from 18 to 20, and the beverage drinks are not for sale after 8 pm.

In spite of all these restrictions, the results of the fight with the vast alcoholism are low.

France Alcohol Consumption

France is associated with the quality red wine and a romantic music. Indeed, the Frenchmen really enjoy the alcohol consumption but they do it in a lower degree than the citizens of Lithuania do.

france alcohol statistics

According to the official statistics of WHO, the amount of alcohol per head of the population in France is 12,2 liters a year. About 56% of total amount of alcohol falls to wine, 18% - beer, and 23% - stiff drinks.

The Frenchmen has a high culture of drinking than the citizens of the Baltic countries. Moreover, a tendency to the decrease of the alcohol consumption is observed in France within the past 40 years. Yes, in the 1980th, every Frenchman had 20 liters of ethanol per year.

Despite the fact that France is a manufacturer of alcohol and prices on the alcoholic production are low, the issue of the alcoholism is not so acute as in some other countries of the European Union.

However, the statistics shows that teenagers and women with high income level often abuse alcohol in France. The alcoholism among the French youth grows, and therefore the government develops new rules of the distribution of the alcohol and implements new laws regulating the sale of the beverage drinks.

Ireland Alcohol Consumption on person

According to the official statistics, every citizen of Ireland over 15 takes 11,9 liters of pure alcohol per year. Ireland is famous for its whiskey and the national beer brand Guinness consumed by everybody because it is a low-calorie.

Ireland alcoholics

Beer is the most popular beverage drink among the Irishmen – 48% from total amount of the consumed alcohol. Stiff drinks are preferred in 18,7% of cases. The rest amount of alcohol falls to wine and low-alcoholic beverages.

The alcohol consumption is a very popular occupation in Ireland. It has to do with a thing that many people have a prolonged depression in Ireland. The population tries to be positive due to the alcohol consumption as they are lack of the sunlight and vitamin D.

Despite the high prices at alcohol, every second citizen abuses alcohol. A citizen of Ireland can take 6 drinks, or more at once. People take a week-long norm of alcohol, and therefore a severe alcoholic intoxication is peculiar for the Irishmen unlike Frenchmen who prefer to consume alcohol on a regular basis but in a low dose.

Germany Alcohol Consumption

Germany taken the 23 place in the list of the most drinking countries, and its amount is 11,8 liters of pure alcohol per portion. About 54% from the total amount of the alcohol falls to beer. It is the favorite drink of the Germans. Wine takes the second place – 27,8%, and stiff drinks are preferred in 18% of cases.

Germany alcoholics

About 1,5 million people in Germany suffer from the alcoholism, 10 million people are at a risk group, it means that they consume beverage drink a lot and constantly.

The German adult man may take 30 grams of alcohol per day (0,6 beer or 0,3 wine). However, the citizens of Germany just like the Irishmen prefer consuming alcohol for several days to come at once.

The Germans do not consider beer as a beverage drink, and so they consume it a lot. They are not even stopped by the fact that beer is one of the most dangerous beverage drinks especially for men because it may influence on the hormone level.

Low prices at beer also conduce to it (by the local standards). There are a lot of alcohol festivals in the country, and not only the Germans but also citizens from other countries come to it. The amount of the consumed alcohol exceeds the reasonable rates during this period, and so people with the alcohol intoxication often go to the hospital.

Russia Drinking Rates for Alcohol Consumption

Many think that Russia is the most drinking country in the world but it just takes the 4th place in the world rate. About 15,1 liters of pure alcohol falls per head of the population. But unlike all previous countries, stiff beverage drinks including vodka are very popular. It is preferred in 51% of cases. More than 37% falls to beer, and wine is preferred in 11,4% of cases.

Russians drink a little alcohol.

At the moment, the large-scale program is conducted to reduce alcohol in Russia. The prices have been raised at the alcohol production within the past 3 years, the control over a production and a sale of alcohol has been improved in the country. It is impossible to buy alcohol after 10 pm. A cost of vodka is more than $3 per 0,5 bottle in Russia, in 2018. Despite of this, the alcohol prices are still low in Russia (compared to other countries), and it gives the citizens an opportunity to consume it in high doses.

The rate of the alcohol amount per head of the populations has been dropped by 4-5 liters within the past 10 years. The number of patients with alcoholism has been reduced by 22% within the five years – from 1,9 million people in 2012 to 1,5 million in 2017. It is official data of the Russian Ministry of Health that have been approved by WHO. Nowadays, Russia shows great results in a fight with the alcoholism.

USA Alcohol Consumption

According to the data of the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 15 million of people abuse alcohol in the USA. More than 88 000 people die of the causes related to the alcoholism every year in the USA.

usa alcohol drinkers

Despite such a sad statistics, the USA takes 48 place in the rate of the most drinking countries. The amount of the alcohol per head of the population is about 9,2 liters according to the data of WHO. 50% falls to beer, and 33% falls to stiff drinks. Moreover, the Americans prefer extending the alcohol for a week and do not consume the entire amount at once compared to the citizens of Germany and Ireland.

The lowest prices are at beer in America: the pack of 6 bottles of beer costs about $7. Therefore, this beverage drink is very popular among the population. The Americans prefer taking alcohol at home.

The problem of the alcoholism is not a crucial among the adult population but the amount of the consumed alcohol by the teenagers at the age of from 18 to 22 is massive. 58% of students regularly consume alcohol in a moderate amount and about 37% are confessed that they abuse alcohol.

China Alcohol Consumption

China may be considered a country with a low level of the alcohol abuse. According to the data of WHO, the amount of alcohol per head of the population is just 6,7 liters in China. The country takes 89 place in the official rate.

China alcoholics

The Chinese prefer consuming expensive stiff beverage drinks. Stiff drink is preferred in 69% of cases. Wine is not preferred in China – just 3% of the total amount of the consumed alcohol. Beer is preferred in 27,8% of cases, and this is craft beer consumed only in the economically and socially developed big cities.

The citizens of China prefer drinking less but they take exclusive expensive drinks. The tendency to the increase of the alcohol consumption is observed within the past 10 years. The alcohol consumption among the population grows exponentially, faster than in other countries. In spite of this, the government follows strict rules as to the alcoholism, and therefore the percentage of alcoholics is low.

A moderate alcohol consumption is characterized by the fact that there are people with various religions including Buddhists and Moslems who do not consume alcohol.